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Don’t Settle for a Basic Website!

Get a website that goes beyond the basics with the FREE Joomla! program

Joomla! is an open source (FREE) content management system (a website that the site owner can update) for creating a website without programming that does everything (well, almost everything) for next to nothing.

In this 3 hour rocket sled ride, we’ll cover:
  • Joomla!? What you talking about Willis?
  • Where to obtain Joomla!
  • What you need to use Joomla!
  • The financial commitment (the best part)
  • What features can be added to Joomla!
  • How to install a Joomla! website
  • How to change the site look licitly-split – apply a template
  • How to add features
  • Adding online shopping with the open source VirtueMart extension
  • How to get help – the Joomla! community
This seminar is taught by a web developer with over 9 years experience building websites for small and medium size businesses, who actively builds Joomla! sites for clients and is constantly amazed by the features and capabilities of this open source marvel.