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Building a successful business using the web involves learning a new set of skills. From figuring out how to simply ‘get your business on the internet’ to effectively using techniques to drive traffic to your site, you have to:
•    Conquer an alien vocabulary
•    Dig through numerous options for type of site, choosing a domain name, finding a web host…
•    Decide what you want to accomplish with your website
•    Gather content (text, images, video…) for your site
•    Look at methods for promoting your site
•    Learn how to analyze site results
•    And much more!!!

For the un-initiated, as well as the battle weary web professional, the internet landscape is always changing - with exciting developments just around the corner. Here at we realized that, everyday, we guide our clients through this complicated environment to help them build their businesses. We are now sharing our hard earned expertise with a series of seminars offered through the continuing education programs of the Small Business Centers. Our programs are designed for business owners new to the internet, in addition to more experienced web business owners who want to make their online businesses more profitable.

Look through our seminar descriptions and decide which ones would benefit your clients and go to our Contact Us page to book us come to your location, or pick up the phone and give us a call 800-323-1049!